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An Overview

Pollution created by careless dumping of wastes in the sea off the coasts of Maritime Provinces in Papua New Guinea, Ballast water from ships and Sewage are endangering our ecosystem in our coastal waters. Turtle and dolphin hunting, game fishing, over fishing and illegal harvest of our marine resources are all too common threats to our marine life. These activities get by undetected due to inaccessibility to infrastructure, lack of social development and resources that enforce conservation practices in Papua New Guinea. The rate of mishaps at sea by locally operated dinghies and small crafts are tragic and require effective and innovative response to save lives. Drug smuggling, human trafficking, firearm exchanging and piracy exploit this shortage of enforcement to their advantage.

This is where SurvMarine plays a vital role in drawing attention to illegal activities that threaten our coastlines. We want to work closely with local authorities and marine conservation organisations to combat crimes against the marine environment, report and provide search and rescue through active surveillance observations, creating a platform that enables crimes and emergency situations to be reported, and a better chance of an active response from authorities.

What is Survmarine?

Survmarine separated into two words means Surveillance & Marine.  Survmarine is a proposed Not for Profit Organization committed to maritime activities concerning Marine Conservation, Maritime Search & Rescue and Surveillance in Papua New Guinea and South Pacific Maritime Regions.  We are based in the Maritime Province of Madang, Papua New Guinea. Survmarine operates as a community network of volunteers from other Maritime Provinces of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Maritime Regions with a common purpose to protect and save the marine environment from unethical and unauthorised activities that affect the marine life and people living in the area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to detect and deter threats to the Ecosystem, pollution and conservation of Marine Environment off the coastlines of Papua New Guinea, through frequent boat patrols, spot checks and close, routine surveillance.

How do we achieve our Mission

Survmarine is dedicated to create a community network of people from the Maritime Provinces of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific through online and nationwide awareness and training of volunteers in the Survmarine Conservation Society who participate in gathering information for our commitments to Marine Conservation, Maritime Search & Rescue and Surveillance activities in Papua New Guinea waters and also in the South Pacific Maritime Regions.

Demand for SurvMarines

There is a great demand for people to join the SurvMarine team that we are committed to train and equip to be capable members who participate in our Maritime Activities which involves special knowledge and strategies that Support local  Authorities in Papua New Guinea such as National Fisheries, National Maritime Safety, Boarder Development, Customs and Police.  SurvMarines are the frontline observers. They are the foundation to our campaigns. These are the people who feed our data center that is accessible to other Marine Conservation Societies, Organizations and Authorities.

Survmarine Conservation Society

Survmarine is deeply committed to marine conservation by enforcing Waste Management and Pollution Control, Environmental Monitoring & Governance integrated into Surveillance campaigns.  Survmarine is founded on the concept that, by maintaining a big brother watch along the coast lines, inevitably will discourage ill practises that endanger the marine environment closer to our shores and impact the consciousness of marine conservation on our people. We hope you will consider becoming a Survmarine Conservation Society member to help in our quest.

Join the network and become a Survmarine Conservation Society member signing up or contacting us.

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(Reuters) – An agreement to fight global warming came one step closer to taking effect on Wednesday when dozens of countries deposited their ratification of the deal at the United Nations, taking the total to 60, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. The deal, agreed by nearly 200 countries in Paris last December, needs ratification by…

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Boat carrying 600 migrants capsize off Egypt coast

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Source: CNN

A boat carrying 600 migrants has capsized off the Egyptian coast near Kafr al-Sheikh, the Egyptian military said Wednesday.

Around 150 people have been rescued and authorities have retrieved at least 29 bodies so far, the country’s state media reported.

The boat was on its way to Italy, the news agency MENA reported, attributing the information to the military.

But migrants are leaving African countries in large numbers for Europe, often in rickety boats on perilous voyages that regularly turn fatal.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian military arrested 68 people on a boat trying to make its way to Europe. They were captured off the coast of Matrouh.

Last week, the country’s navy thwarted two attempts by people trying to cross from Egypt to Europe. More than 400 would-be migrants from various nationalities were arrested in that operation.

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